Education Themes

Yellow Pages Book Theme

Description: This three column design has a bright texture that is perfect for a review site or even for a schools activity center project. Need to blog about something cool? The column layout is perfect for providing a listing of topics or businesses to review.

WordPress Health Professional Theme

Description: With AdSense widgets ready for use, this theme is perfect for the medical field. For Doctors Offices, Clinics and Blogging sites, this three column theme is ready for any medical website solutions.

WP Spa and Massage Therapy Theme

Description: With colors selected in mind for a health spa or massage therapists, this one column theme provides just the touch for a great website. With a menu bar listed across the top of the page, this provides the viewer with less distractions to view your services or products.

Educational WP Themes

Description: A great theme that can be used for any type of education site or one that is related to the medical field.  The no thrills traditional three column design is perfect for providing navigation to inside pages or external ULR links. Ready for AdSense.